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2017/09/21 09:31
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About to do foreign trade, some are happy while others may be sad. Failure is the mother of success. If want to see success, you must have to say hello to failure. Have you summed up your experience when failed? Today, let’s haves summary together!

1、Unclear target market

Engaged in foreign trade for not long time, you can’t distinguish which market is suitable. After a long time exploring, you finally find the right market but a lot of energy and time are wasted.

2、Lack of ability to judge the customer

As to inquiry from customers, you reply all without investigation. In fact, some of them aim at spying your products and prices information, and some are liars to cheat goods or business visa. When you realize it, you have wasted a lot of effort!

3、Foreign trade correspondence skills

You may hold the point of view that it is a good way that reply inquiry without delay, to copy and paste an email you have prepared and just to modify it according to the different needs of customers. In fact, you move the stone to drop your feet! Customers read numerous similar emails each day, so your “immediate” email may be thrown to garbage box “immediately” if you fail to attract them in one minute. Hence, as to each inquiry, figuring out the demand and replying email according to the demand is “accurate” of correspondence. Moreover, your emails must be “quick” “brief”and “clear”. The success rate must be increased as long as you master the above skills.

4、Professional knowledge

Foreign trade novices may lack of professional knowledge and can’t introduce advantages of products to customers. So customers certainly tend to choose our competitors who can introduce price advantages, quality advantage, scarce advantage and so on. Therefore, in any case, you should improve mastery of professional knowledge of products. Of course, in addition to the above four experiences, we also should have regular follow-up to potential customers, and call them to deepen their impression of us. In short, foreign trade can be very simple,as long as you find carefully and to prove with action!

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