Chinese Valve Manufacturing Industry Is Facing New Opportunities and Challenges

2017/08/21 15:52
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1、电动蝶阀安装前道确认SENMI产品性能和介质流向箭头是否与运动工况相符,并将阀门内腔插洗干净,不允许在密封圈和蝶板上有附有杂质异物,未清洗前绝不允许关闭蝶板,以免损坏密封圈。  2、电动蝶阀安装配套法兰建议采用碟阀专用法兰,即HGJ54-91型承插焊钢制法兰。  3、电动蝶阀安装在管道中的位置,最佳位置为立装,但不能倒装。  4、电动蝶阀使用中需要调节流量,有气动执行机构进行控制。  5、开、

At present, China has become the world's manufacturing plants, but also valve manufacturing country, in the new century, China's valve industry has made rapid development, the valve industry, the overall level has been greatly improved, most of the production of valves products have reached the international level requirements, compared with developed countries, but there are still some gaps.

Under Industrialization, urbanization, and globalization of the four forces to reform, China's equipment manufacturing industry of valve is broad prospects, high-standard , localization, modernization, will be the direction of the future development in the valve industry. Pursuit of continuous innovation, the valve business to create a new market in order to allow enterprises in the increasingly fierce competition in the valve industry tide to seek survival and development.

Insiders said as long as the valve business clear understand industry status, continue to strengthen optimize their products to enhance the sense of urgency, strengthen corporate culture and marketing service concept

Now the community is an era of information, enterprises in the product inevitable encounter competitors, competition in the industry, for some enterprises, but is a good thing. Because of competition, the enterprises to improve product quality, improve service quality, consumers with less money to get a better or more consumption and services. Market is a "sieve", while progress in the development of the industry, the market is also a survival of the fittest companies within the industry.

Although the current status of development of the butterfly valve, Goverment support policies to give greatly improved, the market demand is also increasing, valve industry due to intense competition within the industry also makes the domestic valve-related technical excellence, but a number of factors suggesting that, valve industry outlook is not optimistic.

For some competitive large enterprises, through competition, companies become more and more large-scale, visibility becomes increasingly high. But for some do not have the competitive small and medium terms, it may be faced with the risk of merger or bankruptcy. In the increasingly fierce valve market, a company with core competencies can gain a foothold in the market, innovation has become a winning business marketing tool.

In recent years, by domestic good investment environment and infrastructure policy, deepening our continued growth in the valve industry, enterprises will face a new development opportunity, only strenghthen our own quality, we could win the future!

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