The Future Chinese Valve Market Would Between the Quanlity and Brands

2017/08/21 15:51
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1、本产品应按规定适用于压力、温度、介质等项范围内使用、  2、安装本阀时应事先清理阀腔和密封面及管道杂质,以防使用时污物轧坏密封面而产生漏气漏水。  3、通过管道的流体中不带有硬质微粒,以免损伤密封面。  4、阀门上的前头表示为介质方向  5、打开蝶阀包装后不可存放潮湿仓库及露天地方,更不可存放在杂乱的工地上。  6、电动、电液动出厂时已将控制机械的启闭行程调好,用户第一次接通电源前要先手启开4

From the beginning of last year , The road of demestication for China's high-end valve is hard and rough, At present the basic parts are becoming the weakness of Chinese manufacturing to high-end development, during the 12th Five-Year Plan government will continue to increase the localization of high-end equipment parts efforts.

With the accelerated pace of valves industry restructuring, the future market would be the competitive of the quality and safety and brands , products going to develop to the direction of high-tech , high-parameter, strong corrosion resistance , long life, only go through the constant technological innovation , and developing of new products, then gradually improve the technological level of domestic equipment and supporting facilities to meet the full realization of the valve localization. China's valve manufacturing industry under the huge demand environment, will present better prospects for development.

At present, China 's valve market turnover have been up to 500 billion yuan , which fully shows the development of China's valve industry scale and momentum. But in the industry in the context of the situation is excellent , there are some issues worthy of our concern , especially valve company in China mainly low -level, small-scale , family-owned enterprises. This is a big constraints and bottlenecks for the future development of China's valve industry.

Currently, the domestic backbone enterprises have been able to produce valves according to ISO international standards , DIN German Standards , AWWA standards and other international standards, some of their products has reached the international advanced level. Although the overall level of Chinese valve industry has been greatly improved, but the quality is also not stable enough.

In addition, there is also certain distance of auxiliary facilities  compared with developed countries . Valve increasingly fierce market competition , some ordinary valve product market is already saturated , oversupply , which makes more difficult the development of SMEs . And even high-tech products in the international market competition is very intense .

In the valve market, China has been able to provide heating valves, environmental protection valves, construction valves, etc. However, in areas of high pressure valves still rely on imports , which is the next breakthrough in China's valve field in order to truly promote the development of China's valve industry .

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