Happiness in Foreign Trade

2017/08/21 15:50
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Who said that doing foreign trade business is painful? It is full of happiness in my mind.

1)It is happy in receiving money:

I was often told that some customers delayed the payment in domestic trade which led to the lost of bonus and even the interest deducted; While I often find that there is twenty thousand US Dollars more in my account. When checking with the bank slip, it is the full payment of my customer which I only require 30% deposit first. It is commonly seen.

2)  It is happy in health:

Domestic trade only needs male. All of them have an alcoholic stomach. In less severe cases, they may need to drink alcohol and go to karaoke, or even sauna, flirting with girls or playing mahjong, which not only takes money and gets harm to health but also hurt the family. But when foreigners come, we just need to bring them to the Nanjing ancient circumvallation (20yuan/person), walk in the stone road(25yuan/person) or eat in the Nanjing Confucius Temple and then say goodbye happily which not only can build up good friendship but also can be relaxed and money-saving.

3)  It is happy in communication:

When doing domestic trade, if delivery is pushed, customers in other place will blame you by phone calls every day while those in the local will come to your office to scold you a lot. But when doing foreign trade business, as long as you explain everything clearly before that ( do remember it is to explain before something happen), customers can understand you. When there is occasional lack of quantity( pick out the defective goods temporarily), if you make a phone call in 3:00am to explain, the customers will even be touched a lot, appreciating your professional ethics and good service.

4) It is happy in culture:

You can meet different people in domestic trade, but they are all compatriots with the similar culture while in foreign trade, you can meet different people in all over the world and area. It is interesting to find out the difference culture and it is even more surprised to find people with the same mind from thousand millions meters far away from you.

5) It is happy in exhibition:

We can increase our knowledge when participating in the domestic fair while we can even meet our customers who we haven’t met for a long time, and we can even take a chance to travel abroad, isn’t it happier?

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