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2017/08/17 16:59
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Every time when friends in foreign trade hear my sales performance and annual growth rate, they will ask me how to sell and how to lead my sales team. For how to sell, I have pointed out in my article I Only Take Big Orders! that I pay much attention to brand customers selling and I have also listed some methods about how to get the brand customers resource. Actually, there are always the same things, and you can think about it.

I will ask my sales to make a performance goal for themselves. Of course, the premise is my expected sales volume of next year and then set goals for each of them according to their actual situation. With everybody's common goal, there will be a common struggle enthusiasm. At the end of each quarter, I will remind them to make the sales performance statistics and in the middle of the year, I will hold a mobilization meeting, allowing them to identify their goals and raise spirit.

In addition, persistent work attitude is the key to win the "battle". In the face of every customer’s refuse and order missing, salesman must learn to regroup, quickly picking up themselves to accept new challenges rather than feeling frustrated because of the lost again and again.

People do not born to have fighting spirit but cultivate themselves. Especially in the sales industry with fierce competition, without fighting spirit, you can never be qualified for this job. So I require them to pay attention to work from the beginning of every thing, because sales work itself is a "combat", every step needs to be proactive, consolidate step by step. So I ask them to be polite in email writing, common communication with customers, and care about customers, following up with everything well without any slightest careless.

I am firm and soft when leading my team. But I always believe that a team with the potential to create the sales performance needs the fighting spirit every day. Our team's performance is rising every year. Maybe some companies satisfied with this, thinking that it is enough if there is performance and factory has orders. However, the opposite of progress is going backwards. If you don't have a higher request for the sales each year, not being prepared for danger in times of safety, your enterprise will be faced with bankruptcy at any time.

I am a strict teacher. I am strict with them at the beginning. I want them to know that every minute counts for sales work. Any laziness or excuses will only accelerate the failure and bring no help for success. So I require my sales team must have fighting spirit every day, being fully into work. So I require them to enter working state 15 minutes ahead of time every day which means they have to finish their trivial affairs before this. This is a simple task, but is not easy to stick. I hope that through this small task, they can develop good working habits and learn to persevere. Success is accumulated in this little things.

In spite of the product training when they enter the company, customers will raise many other problems of products in the usual sales work, which are more in-depth and sharper. And because of the lack of understanding of product expertise, these questions may undermine salesman’s confidence in products. Therefore, every time when these problems come, I will organize my sales team and tell them the reason for these problems and the solutions. On the one hand it is to take this opportunity to deepen their understanding of the products, on the other hand, it is to resolve their concerns about the quality of the product from the objective perspectives.

Sales work is not the work that can see the  immediate effect. But your efforts will be reflected on your performance. Leading the sales team constantly to create new performance is not a simple thing. In addition to have good leadership, team players with hardworking spirit is essential.When you're in, please give yourself alarm!

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