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Shiwen valve operating philosophy Dare for the world first Pioneering spirit to forge vision, to the pursuit of excellence, innovation and life; Idea One Honesty and trustworthiness based on fundamental -- the world news values Idea two Pragmatic and efficient development -- the style of work of world news Idea three Attention to detail the pursuit of perfection -- the world news values "Attention to detail, pursuit is perfect" Shiwen valve working attitude, is the company's quality policy standards, it is the guideline of the staff to improve the quality of work and product quality. "There are four levels of meaning and attention to detail": one is the management details, two is the product details, three is the operational details, the four is the service details. Focus management details, is required to do each tiny link in business activities. To improve the management quality; attention to the details of the products, is the demands from the product detail. Developing the new generation of products, to avoid homogenization of competition; focus on details of the operation, is the requirement of fine processing, do a good job in every procedure valve door factory, ensure product quality construction; focus on service details, perfect after sale service is required system, product sales in the whole process for the customer Provide meticulous service, to maximize customer satisfaction. Idea four The core culture God helps those who help themselves Shiwen valve one one "God helps those who help themselves" is the main melody Shiwen valve culture. "God helps those who help themselves" means You reap what you sow, only diligent efforts will be rewarded. God helps those who help themselves, not do things by irregular ways of fool, but concentrate one's attention on input; it is this philosophy. Let the professional world famous man not afraid of hard, unremitting efforts, continue to struggle, to create a more brilliant tomorrow Shiwen valve.


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